The Massive Green Savannah in Mount Bromo

The Massive Green Savannah Mount Bromo

The Massive Green Savannah Mount Bromo is one of the most popular tourist destination wherein most foreign and domestics visitors usually visit this Savannah after enjoy Mount Bromo Sunrise tour and Crater.

Savanah also known with the name Jemplang Valley. Savannah has 10 km square larga, It is a vast expanse of green grass and resembles a hill. There you will feel so calm cool and comfortable because the visitors can feel charming of Savannah meadow.

The massive green Savannah will seem more interesting along rainy season, between December – August. Savannah Hill located at northern side from Mount Bromo Crater, about 1,5 kilometers, Green Savannah Mt Bromo only possible reached by organized Jeep 4 WD for 15 minutes driving from the Jeep parking on Sea of Sand, Exactly after You visit the Crater.

The massive grassland Mount Bromo or Savannah also called Bukit Teletubis in Indonesia language, This Savannah valley location still one way from Whispering Sands (black sand), Savannah Mount Bromo is a lush green grassland that surrounded by lower mountain, It has been one of interesting place around Mt Bromo, Especially for prewedding capture.

Other interested place near The Massive Green Savannah Mount Bromo

Whispering Sand Mount Bromo

Before You reach the Massive Green Savannah Mount Bromo, You will pass the massive Whispering Sand usually called Black Sand, This sand called Whispering Sand because it usually result interesting sound like someone whispering some secret things, Whispering sand usually sounds interestingly when the big wind lunges it hardly but We suggest You to use face mask to avoid a dust blown in your breath.

The Massive Green Savannah Mount Bromo and Whispering Sand very suitable used as Perwedding Photography Background, Shooting for romantic film, Photo Pose and selfie, a massive green Savannah consist of Benggala Grass, Sawi Langit or Vernonia, Vaccinium varingaefolium, Akasia (Acacia decurrens), Kemlandingan (Albitzia lophanta) and Adas (Funiculum vulgare). So that seem very amazing when it visited in morning time after Sunrise appearance. Most photographers normally visited the Savannah after finish Mount Bromo Milky Way Photography and Sunrise tour from highest peak.

To complete your vacation during Mount Bromo tour package, If you still have more time After Savannah Tour, You can continue Madakaripura Waterfall to see amazing Waterfall near Mount Bromo durated for 1 hour by car from your hotel. Or You can read Our recommendation tour package below.

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